This is a full list of rules, expanded from the mission statement's little list. While that list's little tenements are the main rules of the wiki, I will expand and move the more complex ones here in time. Now, for a little list.

Wiki Rules ~ The wiki wide rules based on the content we use.

  • Their will be Offencive material, this must be allowed, as we are trying to develop a cohesive world and we can't do nearly as well as the Cannon without delving into less savory territory. Ponies who are Offensive in some way must be labeled, and they will be, but they will be accepted despite this.
  • This is a wiki devoted to a centralised alternate universe, each and every fic that is written for the world must be vented of course.

Character Rules ~ The rules about characters, based on what we will and won't accept

  • Never have them relatives of Canon characters unless allowed by staff, or of other people's characters unless they allow it and the connection is again allowed by staff.
  • All Characters must have a full fledged backstory, and if you don't have one once you post it as a full page then know that it isn't going to be excepted. No, you must brainstorm a full backstory and the like in the forums.
  • During the construction phase of a character one may use OC generator to create a template for art, but this will not be allowed as the end result. Once the character is fully developed and excepted, good art must be made at least once for the page's picture, but beyond that the OC generator art may be used as references.

Forum Rules ~ The rules that apply the the forum and the like.

  • While submitting characters you may use a wiki page, liked to a forum discussion. This discussion will be used to determine a character's marit.
  • Advertisements will be allowed on the forum for various commissioned work, so that all characters may have a reasonable amount of art.