Because I don't really have the ability to do much until I've been oped, I am just going to write the mission statement of what I want this wiki to become.

This site is to connect artists with writers and other types of creators to create a single cohesive world. This is so that while they are being used, we can have a single unified universe of characters and history. This site will have some canon information and characters, if only to impose the AU's interpretations and headcanons upon them. Do not assume characters are the same as in the show or comics, but instead rely on our information because that is how they are assumed to work within the universe of these stories.

While, at the moment, I am the only person to be writing for this I intend to gain support for it. If, for some reason, I am faced with complications on adopting this frankly dead wiki then I will be happy to move to another site with slightly less appropriate call letters. I, of course, need to be oped to get the community off the ground with categories and the like. That, of course, means that I will at first be the only vetting process as their won't be anyone else until I have other subordinate admins.

The AU we are creating will be using Cannon unless otherwise specified, and in such cases we will develop a COHESIVE narrative. That means all the Canon characters will be relatively similar to their original form, and nearly identical to that or at least their common canon interpratations.