Please read the Mission statement and full Rules before asking any charecters.

Welcome to the MLP OC WikiaEdit

This is going to be a site for the good OCs got that? No, you can't just post your own OC here unless it meets the standerd of quality that we want. We will be desiding this in the future, so things are going to be a bit diferent around here.

Describe your topicEdit

Their is already a OC wiki, one to host your little bits and bobs, so if you want to just post your OC without any veting go to got it? No, this is for the OCs that truly have a bit of charecter. And, if your OC is here then that means it can be used. Perhaps not as a main charecter, but this database will be for a single world. This database is so that every backround charecter in your story can have every bit of flare, a personality and history all your own. This is what we are here for, this is what you must work with. So here are the rules:

1. You must only submit charecters that have some personality and charecter behind them.

2. While pony generator is a good tool, you cant use it. All charecters must have at least a full description, and hopfuly a semi-profesional immage that isn't created with bases or some tool.

3. Eventualy, art will be provided I'm sure. When describining your charecter write exact hexidecimals for their coloring.

4. This fourm will host MANY offencive OCs, I can tell you now, because if they are well made they go here. We will not exculde a charecter just for it's premice being offensive if it is well made, so be warned.

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